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Duona Stone-board House-高雄旅遊景點|新興區

相關標籤 新興區景點  新興區  高雄景點 865 高雄 1229 

Duona Stone-board House
Rukai people use a kind of rock called black shale to build stone-board houses. The stone-board house not only keeps out the wind and rain but can also withstand an earthquake. Furthermore, it"s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, since modern civilization has gradually encroached upon the aboriginals" world, traditional architecture and culture have been declining. The effort and support from the local community and tourists are required in order to preserve precious aboriginal history and culture.   In the culture of Rukai, the lily represents purity and chastity, and for men, it also represents a brave warrior who is good at hunting. Pottery pots, patterns of hundred-pace pit viper and butterfly are also common designs that villagers often use. The butterfly patterns are the popular carving design for wooden pillars in the chieftain"s house. So when you visit the Duona Village, you can take a closer look.

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